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Welcome to Cornerstone Counseling Services, Inc. 
As Southeastern Wisconsinís leading, private, state-certified outpatient clinic addressing both mental health and alcohol/drug abuse needs, we offer a complete range of specialized expertise, services, and locations to provide you the individualized therapy and skills you require to:

  • Reconnect with yourself and loved ones

  • Regain the quiet confidence that comes from recognizing choices and making conscious decisions

  • Live your life as the person you envision yourself to be

Our professional staff includes licensed psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists, social workers and alcohol/drug abuse counselors. Our mental health professionals provide a variety of services to children, adolescents, adults, families, and couples, including:

  • individual, family, and couples psychotherapy 

  • alcohol/drug abuse counseling 

  • group psychotherapy/special programs 

  • psychological assessment 

  • medication management 

We accept most insurance plans and our knowledgeable staff is happy to work with you to understand your benefits coverage.

Let us help you meet your personal goals, experience emotional well-being, and reach your fullest potentialóbeginning with a phone call today.

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Drinking Check-Up
Cheryl Rugg, LCSW, CADCIII

We live in a health and wellness conscious society. As early as elementary school, screening for vision problems begin. People have their cholesterol checked. They have the doctor check diabetes. Women have breast cancer screenings and men have prostate cancer screenings. Others have strength and fitness evaluations at their local gym. And still others visit with a nutritionist to evaluate their diet.

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