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Cornerstone Counseling Services, Inc.
Mission Statement

Core Purpose
We exist so that people seeking the highest quality mental health services available can be served by specialty professionals who have committed to the unique excellence demanded by private practice. We believe that such connections powerfully support individuals, families, and the larger community to reach their fullest potential. Together with those we serve, we lay the cornerstones for better lives.

Core Values
Responsiveness: Responsiveness is treating everyone we encounter with the level of care we would want for our own family members. The needs of clients, family members, referral sources, partner organizations, professional colleagues, and other stakeholders in the community become our important concerns as well. Responsiveness is offering our very best, in a timely and efficient manner, to be as helpful as possible. To do everything we can, for everyone we serve, every time.

Effectiveness: Effectiveness is continuously improving our professional competence through ongoing education, consultation, experience, and reflection. Effectiveness means knowing and implementing the best treatment practices available, practicing within our areas of expertise, and referring clients to other resources whenever it is in their best interest.

Autonomy: Autonomy is the development of individual interests, talents, and specialties by our clinical staff such that each clinician experiences ownership of his or her practice within the framework of our shared corporate identity. The individual dedication of our practitioners to their calling is our greatest strength. Cornerstone management provides the infrastructure to successfully navigate the constantly evolving business aspects of the healthcare marketplace, while clinicians develop and manage their own caseload by virtue of their clinical and service delivery excellence. We believe that this partnership creates the highest quality, enduring mental health services available and a highly rewarding practice model for our clinicians.

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