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Cornerstone Counseling offers a variety of professional services designed to provide the most effective care possible for each client.  Services most frequently provided are:

Individual adult psychotherapy or counseling: Clients meet one-to-one on a regular basis with a mental health professional to explore patterns and identify desired changes. Typical areas of concern are emotional well-being, managing stress, relationship or family issues, and making desired changes in behavior.

Child/Adolescent psychotherapy or counseling: Children or adolescents meet one-to-one on a regular basis with a mental health professional to explore, at an age-appropriate level, their feelings, behaviors, coping strategies, and relationships. Parents and other adults are an important part of the successful outcome of psychotherapy for children.  Therefore, recommended treatment typically includes some parental involvement.

Family/Couples psychotherapy: Often, more satisfying relationships are a key goal for therapy. In such cases, it may be valuable to work with a client and spouse/significant other, or a client and another family member(s) in sessions together, to best understand and improve the relationship dynamics.  Clients who are working on couplesí issues sometimes choose to participate in individual therapy as well, in order to change patterns of behavior that are problematic for the relationship.

Alcohol and other drug abuse counseling (AODA):  Adolescent and adult clients begin with participation in an initial assessment. Clients work with certified alcohol or other drug abuse counselors to explore the role of substance use in their life, understand the effects of substance abuse or dependence, increase motivation to change, and implement desired changes. Programming is available to fit the individual needs of the client, such as short-term outpatient, primary outpatient, intensive outpatient, and relapse prevention.  This programming is provided for both adolescents and adults, in the following formats: group, individual, and family therapy.

Group psychotherapy or counseling:  Psychotherapy groups are usually organized around a particular issue.  Examples would be substance abuse, academic achievement, or mastering anxiety.  A complete list of current groups is provided.  Group psychotherapy provides an additional level of support and intervention by bringing together people who are working to make changes in similar areas of life.

Medication management: Medication can be a very effective intervention for many distressing emotional and behavioral symptoms.  Our staff psychiatrists can assess the need for medication, make recommendations, and prescribe medication for patients. 

Psychological assessment and/or psychological testing: Psychological assessment or testing can be a valuable resource to provide insights when planning therapy interventions or making educational, legal, or family decisions.

Life coaching for specific issues: Coaching is a professional service not traditionally associated with mental health diagnoses.  Coaching provides assistance with life issues. For example, several Cornerstone mental health professionals provide coaching or child specialist services for clients working through a Collaborative Divorce.

Psychoeducational presentations for the public:  Cornerstone clinical staff members provide many presentations to the public throughout the year on mental health issues. If your group would like information on a mental health presentation, please call Mary Schwantes, LCSW, LMFT at our main number: 262-789-1191.

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